Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Prophetic Food Chain

The most significant prophetic voices are not always those who capture the most social media attention or get invited to speak at conferences advertised with garish slick-page ads or who sell the most “product.” That is a narrow arena of Kingdom influence many times over-inflated in its effect. 

The most significant prophetic voices can be the unrecognized ones who live at lower levels on the advertised and promoted ministerial food chain. They live in the invisible and neglected trenches of life where pain and suffering are unvarnished and raw and where a prophetic word of hope helps a person choose to live another day. God has the uncanny ability to place these people next to individuals who carry cultural influence. These encounters appear to be coincidental but they are strategic placements by the hand of God.

These unrecognized voices speak prophecies of hope setting in motion a chain reaction of cultural breakthrough that will end up on the news announced as a major development. As the effect of these words become evident, their source can become lost in the shuffle. They may be lost to undisciplined eyes and ears, but not to God. God remembers His obedient ones and He will reward their faithfulness.

Someday, the Lord will retrace the prophetic steps that led to solutions and innovation that became prominent on the world stage. At that moment, we will see it was not the most visible and dramatic ministries whom the Lord will choose to honor, but the unknown ones who took the first step of obedience and spoke a simple word that set in motion a supernatural work of God. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Landing in Unexpected Places

On my drive home, I noticed that a paraglider had landed in a vacant lot in town. It was obvious this was not his intended landing spot. As I drove past the pilot, he was gathering up his fabric wing and harness and walking toward the street. He looked fine and uninjured. I assumed he would soon make a phone call to have a friend come and pick him up.

As soon as I passed the man, the Spirit nudged me to gain my attention and shared an interesting word.

Some of you set out on your flight of faith following the wind of the Spirit. You had a destination in mind, but then the wind shifted and you now find yourself landing in an unplanned destination. This is not a mistake or an error in judgment. God will use this unlikely landing zone to reveal the next stage of your calling. Repositioning you has a larger Kingdom purpose that will be revealed in the coming days.

The Lord is changing the wind currents of His Spirit. He is moving some of you to places you did not plan to land or even knew existed when you first launched. If you could see what is taking place outside your context you would see other people touching down in equally unusual landing zones. This is happening because God is divinely repositioning His people for the next expression of His will on Earth.

A fresh wind is blowing and its direction is not predictable. You have not wandered off course. You have been in the flow of the Spirit and God is repositioning your life for greater effectiveness. If you are still airborne expect a safe landing. Enjoy the flight. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Invisible Armor of Love

Yesterday, while scanning a few Facebook posts, I came across two profound comments. Both comments were about two long-time friends of mine. These are real friends I have processed the challenges of life with face-to-face.

One friend, David, was being honored by his daughter on his birthday. His daughter said his presence in her life was “like wearing invisible armor your whole life, knowing that you are protected and loved no matter where life takes you.” When I read those tender words of honor from a daughter about her father, I realized my friend did a good job as a dad. I also saw the protective power of love expressed by a daughter who knew her father was always with her no matter where life took her.

My other friend, Stan, was speaking to a group of leaders from across America who were assembled in Los Angeles to choose the next leader of the Foursquare Church. One sentence spoken by Stan was recorded by someone in the meeting and posted on Facebook. In the meeting, Stan said, “Anything minus love equals nothing.”

Those two comments struck a deep chord within me. I began to see the power of love in a new way. When we love people our love becomes an invisible armor that covers them when they are away from our presence. It is also the single ingredient in life that takes our relationships and our life-investments from nothing to something. Love is not ethereal and untouchable. It is tangible like a garment or an investment commodity. Love has substance.

If we have experienced love we will never stand naked before the challenges of life if we know we are loved by someone. We will always feel clothed even when life strips us bare and leaves us alone. If we have experienced love we will never be tempted to make life-altering decisions without the presence of love to determine the quality of the choices we make. Love has the power to transform the nothings of life into something of value under its guiding influence. 

Love is the most powerful armor we can wear and it is the most valuable investment we can make in this life. I am grateful for two friends who helped me see love in a new way.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Headline of Your Life

Those who write the headlines do not always portray the truth. This applies to the news, but more importantly, it applies to you and how you think God sees you. What others broadcast about you is not the real story of your life. Only God knows your heart. He is the true and accurate source for your story. Subscribe to His revelation service when attempting to define your reality. His is the only headline worth reading and believing.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Paying Tribute to a Great Woman of God

I want to pay tribute to an exceptional woman of God who entered the Lord’s presence yesterday at the age of 96. Jean Darnall was a prophet who moved in the rare air of supernatural revelation. She was mentored by her pastor, Aimee Semple McPherson, at Angelus Temple. Under Aimee’s influence, Jean’s prophetic gift began to develop and mature. Jean would go on to become a trusted voice not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom. While living in the United Kingdom Jean was a significant influence during the Charismatic Renewal, especially within the Anglican Church. She was revered for her words of hope and Kingdom insight wherever she traveled.

During a conference in the Netherlands 22 years ago, I walked off the platform and a hand reached up and caught my arm. It was the hand of Jean Darnall. As she gripped my arm she looked into my eyes and said, “Young man, you will write for God.” I smiled and tucked that word away not knowing what it meant. Ten years later, I walked into Bethel Church in Redding, California to attend a Leader's Advance. During that gathering, I had a life-transforming encounter with God that ignited the word Jean gave me that laid dormant and unactivated for ten years. That encounter with God in Redding was seven books and almost 2,000 blog articles ago. I haven’t stopped writing for God since. 

When Jack Hayford invited me to speak at his conference in Van Nuys, California several years ago, I stepped onto the platform and looked out across the audience. There, in the back of the auditorium was Jean Darnall. She came to hear me speak.  It was an honor to single her out as the person God used to prophesy a significant part of my calling. I will be forever grateful for the life and obedience of Jean Darnall. She modeled a depth of maturity, humility, and honor I hope to attain someday before the Lord calls me home. Rest in the peace of God’s presence, Jean. You have been a good and faithful servant of God.

God's Promise Clock

This morning, I got down on our living room floor to do a plank workout. I do this every day to strengthen my core. When I do planks, I use the stopwatch function on my iPhone to measure the duration for each plank I perform. Today, I went to set my stopwatch and noticed it was still running from the day before. It was just coming up on the 22-hour mark and counting. I had not reset the stopwatch yesterday when I was done working out and it kept faithfully measuring the time until I hit the reset button.

My stopwatch reminded me of the words of hope and promise we all receive from time-to-time. We can easily forget them when life gets busy or we become emotionally derailed. The time of fulfillment for every promise was set in motion the moment God spoke them into existence. They are still moving forward even when we forget. God has not forgotten any of the promises He made over our lives. The moment He uttered them to us, Heaven’s promise clock was set in motion. 

Today, check the spiritual timers that were set in motion for the promises God made about your life. You will discover that God’s clock of promise is still running. The time of fulfillment is approaching.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Actionable Prophecy

I am sensing a prophetic release is taking place in our nation. Unusually detailed prophecies are being prepared for delivery to unlikely sources. A prophetic special ops team is being assembled with detailed plans for deployment against unseen and deeply embedded deceptions. The resulting action of these words will be the rescue of individuals and systems of culture held captive under their deceptive influence. 

This word came to me while I was listening to an interview of a Navy SEAL team leader describing a successful operation.  The SEAL team was tasked with the rescue of a downed pilot. After capturing an enemy combatant and the completion of a detailed interrogation, they were able to gather enough actionable intelligence to plan a rescue and get the pilot out of enemy territory alive. Actionable intelligence is information that has enough substance and verification to reduce the risk to the rescue team and increase the probability of a successful outcome for the operation. 

As I considered the words “actionable intelligence” the Lord said we have entered a time when detailed actionable prophetic intelligence regarding works of darkness will be delivered to the Church. This is another level of prophecy that will move beyond words of encouragement and comfort. This will be a tactical form of prophecy with a mission goal to uncover the secrets of evil activity that are functioning contrary to the will of God. It will announce the plans of the enemy in time to launch surprise rescue raids to recover those held captive in places of spiritual and social imprisonment.

The successful delivery of this kind of prophecy will require a depth of character in the ones who carry these words. This actionable prophecy must be handled with great humility so that its delivery and execution is not sullied by human pride and self-promotion.

Actionable prophecy will require courage to publicly deliver. These words will be akin to Noah announcing a coming flood that no one believed possible or took seriously. When delivered, deeply embedded culture-wide deceptions will be unearthed shifting the lines of authority of the entrenched power structures within our economy and politics. 

Unlikely voices will be called to the prophetic microphone in the coming days. The actionable prophecy delivered by these courageous ones will bring glory to God because no human prediction could have revealed the detailed paths of rescue these words will deliver.