Friday, February 23, 2018

The Release of Prophetic Writers

The dream I had last night was an announcement followed by a word of encouragement. In the dream, I was standing in front of our bathroom mirror getting reading to go somewhere. I turned my head to the side and saw inside my ear the tip of a pencil sticking out. The image shocked me. My first thought was, “How could a pencil be inside my ear and not kill me?” I reached up and grabbed the tip of the pencil and began to pull it out. When I finally pulled out the pencil it turned into a writing pen that I held in my hand, and then the dream as over.

Immediately I knew the interpretation and purpose of the dream. God is calling and releasing a previously unknown cadre of prophetic scribes. These are people tasked with releasing a fresh understanding of God’s heart, the mission of the Church, and the interpretation of unfolding events that are coming, but not yet seen. These writers will write what they hear and see in the Spirit. Sight and sound will be the delivery systems for their revelation.

The prophetic revelation some have wanted to share has remained hidden because they have approached writing in a traditional way – through the use of human intellect and a reliance on the development of professional writing skills. They thought their credibility as a prophetic writer would be established from these two sources. There is nothing wrong with our human intellect or learning how to become a more proficient writer, but that is not the starting point. 

The writers I am describing will have enough faith to override the fear of thinking their undeveloped writing skills would somehow hinder the impact of what they write. At the start of any journey in writing,  there will always be the need to become more proficient, but that cannot be a barrier you continue to live behind if God has called you to write. It will keep you from sharing what others need to hear. Write it even if what you write is raw and needs work. Let the rest of us figure it out with the help of the Spirit.                                            

If this word resonates in your heart, it is time for you to take a step of faith and put before the Church the revelations you are hearing and seeing. The days of sitting in front of your computer and trying to figure out the first sentence or what people want to hear are over. You are hearing words. You are seeing images. These are your starting points. Begin to write about what you see and hear and then your intellect and any writing skills you have will join that sight and sound and a word will emerge. That is what happened to me this morning when I awoke from my dream and put into word what I saw in the Spirit.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Leaving Behind Your Yesterday - Stepping Into Your Tomorrow

I was on a phone call with my friend, Bobby Haaby, when he said something so profound that it startled me and caught my attention. Bobby said in reference to his ministry and the larger ministry of the global Church, "We are not establishing a new yesterday." Immediately, I knew the Spirit had created, empowered and released those words to an audience beyond our phone call.

Too many times we try to establish the future on yesterday’s revelation. God is not calling us forward to repeat more of the same. He invites us to step into new places where the audience of culture is waiting to hear the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. God’s kingdom is always expanding and in that expansion, our faith must also increase. This increase of faith positions our lives to become a working partner with God for the release of what He promised.

God is calling you forward into uncharted territory. There are no established paths leading to this new place. You are leaving behind the tracks of a pioneer. You are stronger and more equipped for this journey than you realize. You carry with you both the plan of God and the power of the Spirit. God is not calling you forward to only experience yesterday once again. He is inviting your forward into a new tomorrow that will only exist if you step forward in faith leaving behind your yesterday so you can be free to step into your tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

This has been a week of tremendous movement in the realm of the Spirit. A significant shift has taken place in the heavens that will soon be released on Earth. God is about to amaze us with the rapidity and depth of the coming change.  

When I heard that word earlier this morning, I was drawn to look out the front window of our home.  In the Spirit, I could see a large puzzle hovering in the sky extending from horizon to horizon. It looked like one of those children’s puzzles made out of large pieces of brightly painted wood. I saw the final piece of the puzzle fall into place signaling that everything was ready. 

Expect this heavenly shift to have ramifications in each sphere of culture, especially in government.  We will see the release of unprecedented breakthrough that has been prophesied but not yet experienced.

Don't Waste a Perversion

From time-to-time, I have to block people from my social media accounts. It happened yesterday when a young woman named “Ginger” wanted to connect via Twitter. My first indication that something was amiss was when I noticed she did not dress appropriately for the occasion if you get my drift.

I blocked her and the demon behind the request. I also took a moment to pray for the young woman that God would gain access to her heart and reveal her true value. Whenever something like this happens, I take delight in messing with hell’s plan. Toss me a scrap of perversion of any kind, sexual lust, an abuse of power or the opportunity to control another person, and I try to turn it into a Kingdom adventure. I pray for the victims and perpetrators alike.

For the most part, I have done a pretty good job. The longer I walk with the Lord, the more I am able to see behind the initial presentation of these perversions, and discover the motivating power that created their inviting display and cunning invitation.

James told his readers God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. In the next verse he writes, “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). 

When invitations to pervert God's original plan pay us a visit and we engage that visit with a version of personal pride that says, “I can do this in my own strength!” we have already stepped into a place of failure. Only a humble heart that realizes all our feet are made of clay can navigate these encounters with darkness and come out the other side spiritually intact. 

After the admonition to walk in humility, we are invited to submit to God before we offer up any resistance. Why is that? Because only by submitting to God in humility will we discover our personal plan of resistance. We begin to resist these invitations when we delete a “Ginger” and the spirit behind her invitation or when we refuse an offer to abuse our position of authority in another person's life or say no to another slice of apple pie when we are already ten pounds overweight. The devil flees when we begin to execute a plan of resistance that comes from a humble heart in submission to God.  

The next time a perversion pays you a visit don’t waste it. In humility let God know you need His grace to move forward with purity and clarity. In that moment of humble submission,  a plan of counter-attack will come. In the end, your resistance will have made you stronger and the power of hellish seduction will have grown weaker. The devil never imagined that would happen when he began his assault on your calling and destiny.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Our Ugly Moments

It doesn’t take much talent to catch a despised politician or someone we find disgusting in a moment of less than complimentary composure. In those moments a photo is snapped by an opportunist paparazzi to confirm our most base opinion about the person caught in a demeaning image. The photo sells, we repost it on social media, and our hearts remain unchanged. As a result, we become progressively more bitter and cynical and eventually lose our prophetic voice in culture.

God works within a different set of standards. In our most ugly moments, His love doesn’t capture our brokenness or a contorted facial image with an attached caption and broadcast it for all the world to see. He covers us with love. Yes, He exposes sin but He does it because He loves everyone, believer and non-believer alike. God's exposure is not like ours. He does it for love, to redeem and restore. We do it to support our delusion that we are somehow better than the people we demean.

Many of you reading these words have a prophetic calling to speak the truth in love to your culture. If you have identified that gift in your life, the greatest prophetic skill you can acquire will not be given to you just because you went to a prophetic school or conference and took good notes. True prophetic impact does not happen because someone has developed a large following who listen to their voice and buy their products. The kind of prophecy that changes culture prophesies the heart of God, not the heart of man. That level of prophetic ministry is available to anyone willing to come before God with a heart of humility.

Our lives will have the most significant Kingdom impact when we sound and act differently than the mocking spirit of an unredeemed culture.  That lesser kingdom values the expression of bitterness, cynicism and gotcha imagery more than it does revealing the heart of God. Its all about God's heart. That is the message of true prophecy. Choose to look past the ugly moments constantly being placed before your eyes. With that single choice will come a deeper revelation that will turn something ugly into a beautiful work of God. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Your Gate is Opening

Gates of restriction are opening before you. What has been a hindering presence will no longer be able to restrict your access to what God has promised. Those who stood in opposition to you, and worked as gatekeepers restricting your entry into the place of your calling, will begin to run abandoning their post when they see the Spirit of the Lord going before you. God not only brings down walls of separation, He also swings wide fortified gates that seem to be impenetrable according to human standards. He does this so that you will know your way forward was created by God, not by your strength or determination. This will keep you humble when you enter the city of your calling and pick up the mantle of your destiny and administer its authority with dignity and honor.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Restorative Places

There are days when my soul is soothed by an hour or two of long instrumental electric guitar solos played by a master guitarist. (Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Mark Knopfler, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughn and my friend, Caleb Quaye, to name just a few.) God uses the gift of music to chip away the crusty edges I have accumulated over time. In the reflection provided by the beauty of music, the Spirit speaks to me. Find that special place or experience that opens you up and exposes your soul to God. He will join you there and bring His gentle healing touch. Some of you reading this need to go to that place. It has been a long time. Refreshment awaits your arrival.