Monday, June 18, 2018

Healing Our Outlook

When we are delivered to a new place in life our tendency is to try and define what we think we see. In that new place, wait for the Lord to speak before you begin to craft your definition. You will have brought with you the fears that created the negative, fear-based outlook in the old place. That outlook and its accompanying false definition of reality need to be healed before you can fully enjoy where God has placed you. That healing will be more important than your arrival in the new place.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Don't Be Surprised

I just heard the word “surprise” in my spirit. Each time I hear this word a surprise takes place either with a dramatic change in a significant leadership position or a turn of events that completely flips conventional wisdom on its ear. As you move through the busyness of your day be like one of the 300 soldiers of Gideon’s army that drank water from their cupped hands raised to eye level instead of lapping water head down like an animal. The 300 would not be taken by surprise because they remained watchful of their surroundings.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Those Who Ponder

Every dream began when someone stopped long enough to ponder a new reality. God is inviting each of us to a place where we can ponder with Him so He can reveal what has not yet been imagined. From within that place of availability to God, dreams will be released that would not have been seen had we not stopped to ponder something more.

I know a man who worked for IBM in the infancy of the company. His job was to meet each day with a team of five others and ponder possibilities. He said he was paid to look out a window and consider unrealized possibilities and applications for the technology being considered. This group would then send the results of their pondering to another team who would distill the thoughts and images down into some of the products we use today, products that came into being because someone took the time to look out a window.

A dictionary definition for the word “ponder” means, “to think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.” There is a benefit to having times when we ponder spiritual matters beyond what we confidently think we fully understand. Pondering gives God a place to come and reason with us and show us more.

If we are not careful we can assume and even make it appear to others that our current understanding of life and reality needs no further input or development. This is not the mindset of one who ponders the expanding edge of God’s revelation.

God is inviting you to ponder with Him dreams that exist beyond this moment waiting to come through the portal of our pondering to become a reality. If you can pause and allow yourself the time to ponder, you will begin to see something so much larger, something only seen by those who ponder.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Erased Lives

Something unusual just happened. I was putting the final touches on a word I wanted to post on my blog and social media accounts when my cursor began to backspace uncontrollably deleting everything I had written. It was like the Pac-Man icon on steroids. I frantically punched every key I could think of to stop the carnage. It was too late. My cursor backspaced and consumed each word I had written. I was left with an empty word document.

Immediately, I tried to recapture my thoughts and rewrite the story. As soon as I began to type the article a second time, the Lord spoke.

“Do not try to rewrite the story at this time. That will come later. I want you to use the erasure to speak to some of my loved ones who feel like the prepared script of their life has been erased through human failure. Talk to them. Give them hope. Tell them I am about to write a new script for their life to replace what was lost. The rewrite will be better than the original.  I have each erased word held securely in my heart. Nothing has been lost.”

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Our Premature and Uninformed Assumptions

If you pause and take a moment to ask people why they are doing something, especially when what they are doing seems strange and out of the ordinary, it might actually make sense once you become informed. Ask before you make any judgment, especially when it comes to an act of faith. Asking is an issue of honor. It will safeguard you from making a premature assumption.

Your One True Option

Right now you only have one option available if you are going to do this right. Hidden opportunities will become visible once you get past this important decision. When this decision is finally made, what seemed like a mystery will suddenly make sense. What seemed like a distant impossibility will become your personal testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Your Spiritual Elevator Ride

In the last couple of years, I have been spending more and more time riding elevators. Usually, this happens in a hotel where I stay when I teach and minister. 

Yesterday, I saw the image of an elevator in a video. In the video, a person extended their finger and pushed the button for the floor where their room was located. As I watched the video and saw the person rise to a new floor, I began to think about riding a spiritual elevator. 

A high place described in Scripture can be a place where an encounter with God happens that releases revelation or gifting. Think of Moses ascending to the top of a mountain and being enveloped in a cloud of God’s glory to receive the word of the Lord or the first disciples waiting in the Upper Room and receiving the empowerment of the Spirit. You don’t get to these high places without choosing to ascend even though at the moment of making that decision we really don’t know what to expect. At some point, each of us has to make the deliberate choice to go higher or we will remain on the current floor of our spiritual life-experience and not believe for more of God or from life itself.

High places are experienced because a choice was made to leave something behind. Not everything will be able to fit in the elevator of decision with you. What is standing in your life-lobby expecting to rise with you? Some of your current relationships and past choices cannot ride higher into the next season because either their assignment has been completed or they might create jeopardy to your calling and legacy. 

When the elevator door finally slides opens, step inside and press the button of belief and let the door close. Get ready. God wants to take you higher.