Sunday, August 25, 2013

“Noticing the Trends” by Garris Elkins

I use the social media tool, Twitter, as a place to park my daily thoughts. Having to limit yourself to the 140 characters required by Twitter has caused many of us to write with greater economy.  Our words need to be concise and clear enough to fit within the narrow space provided. Twitter has become a journal of sorts.  My book, God-Whispers, was inspired from a collection of Tweets just like the ones listed below.

I was prompted to go back and review my Tweets for the month of August 2013.  These entries reflect what I was hearing from the Lord during that time. I want to share these thoughts with you and see where others might also be aligned with what we feel God is doing in our lives at this time.

When I read, I look for words that describe action, direction, affirmation or reformation. I have highlighted these words to draw your attention to them. If you run across something you recognize as similar to your experience and you agree, the scripture says in Matthew 18:19, If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you”.  I would like to come into agreement with you.  

This is a new season.  God is always up to something new and life giving.  I hope these “journal” entries from my life would bear witness to some of what God is doing in your life.

When your cause has been hijacked by others don't be discouraged. Jesus experienced the same thing. God always brings realignment.

Change that is not prophetically inspired is limited in its impact because it draws direction from our current understanding of the facts.

The natural mind is linear and can only see what is straight ahead.  The prophetic gift enables us to see around corners and change direction.

What is about to take place in the Church will not be accomplished with human qualification, pedigree or experience.

Focus on the content, not the container.

The Holy Spirit likes to show up where Christian buzzwords are not defining the environment.

In the current church culture it may be believers outside the mainstream of Christianity who will help us find our way in the coming season.

Advancing the ministry of a local church can only remain healthy if, ultimately, it is the Kingdom of God we are advancing.

In an abundance of prophetic words listen wisely.  God's voice is usually the smaller, quiet whisper that can, at first, seem insignificant.

Dissatisfaction is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it is used to disconnect us from a season that has run its course.

Encourage people. In Acts, Paul's repeated ministry theme was to strengthen and encourage churches because they felt weak and discouraged.

Start praising God when your life looks like a flat-line on a heart monitor.  This is when God shows up and gives life to what appears dead.

Church "experts" are nowhere to be found when the Holy Spirit falls in the midst of a people.

Craft a life that creates honor and trust with your words and deeds. These two qualities are remembered long after fleeting notions of success.

Jesus said the world would believe when we, the Church, live as one.  Looking for the next revival? It will happen in that place where I am divided against you.

One of the greatest gifts we can leave behind in this life is to be, as far as possible, at peace with all people.

Our unrighteous judgments will always be confirmed.

Our dream can become a nightmare if God is not calling the shots.

When we think we have God figured out we tie a knot in our thinking process that gets tighter and tighter with each debate we enter.

Our compass is a Voice.

It's not enough to know what we carry as believers.  We also need to know how to unpack and deliver what we carry. Unpacking requires faith.

Spiritual shepherds wait with the people. Natural leaders run ahead and wait impatiently. In God's waiting destination loses its significance.

Telling God where we will go or not go - what we demand to make or not make - is the beginning of a detour some do not return from.

Communion is like a Red Sea crossing. We eat the bread to crush the past and drink the wine to celebrate a way opened up into a new future.

You will never find yourself in a situation where God does not have a plan of rescue in place.  Trust Him.

Try not to refill in your schedule.  Allow canceled space to be a gift from God.  He has things to say in those quiet and unfilled moments.

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