Tuesday, August 6, 2013

“Our Compass is a Voice” by Garris Elkins

Every 11 years something significant takes place on the Sun – the polar regions reverse.  North becomes south and south becomes north. This event takes place at the peak of each solar cycle as the sun's inner magnetic dynamo re-organizes itself.

The reversal of the Sun's magnetic field is a significant event. This shift has a ripple effect throughout the entire solar system and extends beyond Pluto all the way to the beginning of interstellar space. While not as dramatic as the Sun, this shift happens to a lesser degree on planet Earth.

When I was a pilot we used maps called Sectionals.  These maps defined geographic details so pilots could navigate by visual flight rules.  Pilots would use these maps and a compass to find their way.

There are two different reference points for measuring the direction “North”. True North is a line drawn through the axis of the Earth.  True North is fixed. Magnetic North is different than True North and is constantly on the move because of the changing nature of the Earth’s molten core, which contains iron. As a student pilot, I learned that because Magnetic North continually shifts, cartographers must move Magnetic North on maps to reflect this ongoing change. 

On Earth, Magnetic North moves about 40 miles a year or about 1 degree on a compass.  This creates problems. Airport runways, for example, are aligned with compass headings.  “Runway 31” is actually 310 degrees on the compass. When Magnetic North shifts so must the runway headings or pilots will align themselves with a compass heading that is askew and a runway that is not properly aligned.

This Magnetic North movement is actually increasing each year.  Some experts believe this may be the beginning of a complete reversal of our poles on Earth. Over the years this will create problems not only for aviation and navigation, but for the migratory animals that use the Earth’s magnetic field to orient themselves along their course of migration.

The Earth we stand upon and the sun we are warmed by are experiencing continual change. On Earth what used to be north will someday, in the distant future, become south. An unadjusted compass direction will have a pilot landing on the wrong continent if he continues to fly with old maps and flawed compass headings.

While these natural compass changes can have significant impact on our way of life, an even more significant impact is taking place in the spiritual realm. More than ever we live in a time when the people of God must navigate by the voice of God.  This Voice is the voice of God’s Spirit who leads us by supernatural revelation through the maze of cultural change that can make life seems so upside down at times. 

We live in a time when some are calling north, south and south, north. Our spiritual compass is the written Word of God and the prophetic revelation of His Spirit. Both of these spiritual headings will get us to where we need to go if we are brave enough to trust God and His Word.

Responding to the Voice can draw ridicule because natural compass headings and natural ways of thinking will always tell you that you are going the wrong way.  The Voice speaks from the unchanging realities of heaven into evolving cultural and social norms.  The Voice invades our changing world with unchanging truth and directs us to take the uncommon road of revelation.

We are in good company if we choose to follow the Voice.

   - Noah followed the Voice and built an ark when no one had ever seen rain.

   - David followed the Voice and was the first person to kill a mocking giant.

   - Elijah followed the Voice and soaked the altar with water before the fire of heaven fell.

   - Jesus followed the Voice to the cross and then rose from the dead.

In retrospect, Noah did not seem so silly when the Voice directed him to enter the ark as the floodwaters rose. David was no longer seen as just a naive shepherd boy, but became a hero to the nation of Israel when the Voice directed him to sink one of his five smooth stones into the forehead of Goliath. Elijah was no longer seen as some eccentric old man when he obeyed the Voice and the fire of heaven came down and consumed a water-soaked sacrifice. Jesus was no longer just another prophet in a land of prophets when the Voice commanded Him to rise from the dead and take His seat on His throne in heaven. 

Natural ways of living and doing Church will not be able to lead us forward to fulfill God’s Kingdom purpose on Earth. In fact, relying on natural wisdom for living or someone else’s outdated map of ministry will lead us to destinations not planned by God.   

We are in a time when following the Voice is more critical that ever. One of the greatest tasks before the Church in this present age is helping people learn, and in some cases, learn again, how to hear the Voice. The biblical narrative is filled with people who followed the Voice contrary to mainstream wisdom and arrived at destinations of destiny that cannot be navigated towards using the best of human wisdom or logic.

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