Friday, February 28, 2014

A New Gold Rush

Last night I had the most vivid dream.  I was at a conference center in a beautiful forest setting and all the pathways leading through the forest were carpeted.

As people were walking along these pathways, I found myself kneeling down on all fours and running my hands through the deep pile texture of the carpet.  As I pushed my hands through the carpet, gold nuggets were being caught on my fingertips.  I looked foolish on my hands and knees as people walked by me making their way to the conference.  The more I pushed my hands through the carpet the more gold I discovered.  This discovery was so profound I didn't care what I looked like or what people thought of me.

This morning, after having the dream, I arose and read a prophetic word describing a new gold rush in California. These new discoveries were possible due to a prolonged drought in the state. The lowered water levels were exposing previously inaccessible locations where gold was now being discovered. A new Mother Lode was being prophesied.

While there can be natural wealth that God will deposit in His Church, I believe this dream was a call for something deeper than the discovery of physical gold. The natural is always a shadow of something spiritual God wants us to understand. 

In my dream, I sense the gold represents the lives of those who are ignored and under foot as we go about the business of life and ministry. We can easily miss the treasure of the human lives that are "under foot". God wants us to discover these people as His treasures. He is calling us to prospect our daily lives for those who are out of sight and under foot. There is a treasure of spiritual gold in these lives that once discovered and called out will transform the landscape of the Church and culture. This is the kind of discovery that truly honors God.

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