Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Significant Domino is about to Fall – a Supernatural Chain Reaction is taking place during the Season of Pentecost

As the Day of Pentecost approaches each year I am always stirred by the Spirit to watch for significant events that might take place.  Many of these events happen very visibly. We can forget that something else may have taken place out of sight that set in motion the larger circumstances unfolding before our eyes.

This week I had a dream. In the dream I saw a long and winding row of dominoes.  The landscape was a fairy tale setting like an illustrated children’s story.  Some of the dominoes had a single human face and others represented the faces of entire groups of people.  A description of each unique destiny was written across the body of each domino.

At the head of the line was domino number one.  This domino was not the largest or the most unique – it was simply the first in line.  I then saw a large finger enter the image and touch the first domino and it fell over. I knew this was the finger of God. As the first domino fell it began a chain reaction that caused the remaining dominoes to fall in succession. 

Some of these falling dominoes were much larger than the others.  A few of the larger dominoes literally dwarfed the first domino.  The dominoes were people.  Others represented nations and some were multi-national corporations. Once this chain reaction began it continued on towards the distant horizon and eventually out of sight. Then I awoke.

As I processed the dream, God began to download some of its interpretation to me. I felt the Lord say this season of Pentecost would be a tipping point in the Church and the cultures of the earth. The falling of these dominoes is not a falling into a place of failure – it is a falling into destiny.  The falling of these dominoes would represent their bowing down before the will of the Lord for each individual, nation, business and culture.

The size of a domino did not determine its significance. Some dominoes that seemed insignificant in the natural would have a huge impact in the Spirit.  Their significance was not in their size, but rather it was in their placement and position in the line of unfolding events.  The seemingly insignificant would precede the significant.  The falling of some of the larger dominoes was the result of what had taken place behind the scenes when a small domino fell into its destiny.

The Lord begin to speak to me about his desire in this season of Pentecost:

I am about to raise my finger and touch the cultures of the earth.  I am reaching out and touching lives that will fall into my presence.  This falling is not for destruction. My touch will set into motion the plans I have for goodness and hope for all the earth.

In the past you have focused on the larger events of history and missed what I did to bring these larger events to pass.  It was the small event that I touched that set off the chain reaction of natural events you broadcasted in your news.  In this season be wise and insightful and look for that place of simple obedience that will tip the scales of world events.  Set your acts of obedience before me and I will tip them towards my heart and will. This is not a time for hesitation in your obedience.

Do not let anyone tell you that the smallness of your obedience will have little impact.  I have hidden significance in what appears to be small to the natural man.  Like my David against Goliath and like my Joseph abandoned in a pit, I set the grandest works in motion by the smallest acts of obedience when all odds are set against the one who obeys.

I am about to amaze you in how quickly I work.  I have selected a significant domino to fall that will release a chain reaction of my design for your future.  The significance of this domino is my secret.  I want to surprise you in its manifestation. This chain reaction will change the landscape of my Church and the cultures of the earth.

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