Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Honor is Coming

The Honor is Coming 

There is honor coming to your life.  What will make this honor so unique is that it will be released into that place where you had previously been dishonored. You will be surprised at its arrival because you have made your life work without expecting honor to come. You have lived and planned your life expecting the dishonor to continue and its presence has become a familiar part of your life. Push aside these negative expectations. This honor will release favor and the favor will open a new doorway of relationship not previously visible because of the blinding nature of your dishonor.

This coming honor cannot be gained by your effort or your goodness.  God grants this kind of honor like He grants His mercy and forgiveness.  It is a miraculous grace-gift.  You gave up on your place of dishonor.   God has never given up and He is about to reveal to you a powerful form of honor – an honor released unexpectedly in a place where dishonor had previously ruled.  This is why you will be surprised when it comes. You are about to be profoundly surprised.

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