Monday, April 28, 2014

How Long?

You are wondering how long everything will take. You wonder how long you will live - how long before love comes your way - how long before someone walks into his or her destiny - how long before your faithfulness is rewarded? You are asking how long for so many things.

The reality is you only have this moment.  This moment is a capsule you live within as you move forward through time.  It is a vehicle that transports you through the events of life. As you arrive in your future you will still be surrounded by the moment.  A moment is not measured in time because it is part of simply being. 

Your questioning of how long all these things will take is disengaging you from the power of the moment. In this moment you have all the authority you will ever possess.  You carry with you the potential exercise of supernatural faith.   The future can give you none of what you already possess.  The only thing changeable is the realization of what you carry in this moment – the now. Once you realize what you carry, the questions will stop and you will begin asking a new a question - What can I do in this moment? This is where your supernatural future is created.

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