Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lift Your Head

It is time to lift your head.  You have lost a sense of vision because you have become downcast by your circumstance.  You have been convinced to look down and receive a sentence that has imprisoned you in hopelessness.  When you look down you only see what is immediately in front of you – not the developing horizon of God’s promise and destiny for your life. 

When you choose to lift your head your eyes will also raise revealing what is not seen by the downcast.  Your sight has affected your thinking.  Lift your head and your vision will change.  Give your eyes something new to see. God is the Vision-Caster. He is waiting for you to lift your head in faith and then He will begin to show you what He sees.

1 comment:

  1. I'm keeping my head lifted! Looking to the developing horizon of God's promise and destiny for my life! Wow, I know I am not the only one God is speaking to through you but He really has been using you Bro. Garris to lift me up and encourage me! God bless you sir!