Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Answer

The answer is coming. It will come because God always answers His children.  You are not like someone who takes a number in an office and waits your turn.  Your request has gained the attention of your Heavenly Father. All the power and resources of His Kingdom are being released for your good.

As the answer is making its way to you realize God is beginning to assemble people around your life who will need to see the answer once it comes. This wait is not a delay.  This is the orchestration of heaven.  God is creating the stage for the performance of a supernatural testimony. It is not enough for you to simply be patient.  That is waiting room talk.  God is asking you to trust Him.  Your trust will be the doorway through which your answer will come.

In the wait God will be working on you and your attitudes.  Let Him have His way.  Place your untethered emotions at His feet.  Give Him your need to control every detail in your life. When the answer does come it will meet the changed person you have become in the wait. Then you will understand why the wait is as precious as the answer.

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