Monday, April 14, 2014

This Wall Before You

The wall has appeared once again. Its cement blocks of sorrow are held in place by the mortar of your despair. As you look up at the face of this wall its formidable presence tells you to stop trying and give up.

Each time this wall has appeared in the past the same thing happened  – hope found a way.  It will also happen this time.  The walls in your past were never scaled.  You spoke and they fell.  You spoke what you did not believe in the moment of your sorrow and despair.  You spoke what you knew to be true and it sounded unreal, unbelievable as you looked up at the wall.

You said God was good. You thanked Him for His goodness.  You allowed gratefulness to enter your heart.  This time is no different.  Speak those words again and this wall will also crumble before you. Its rubble will once again become your pathway forward.

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