Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Your Past and Your Future

Your past cannot be changed. Some linger in their past living in the sorrow of what cannot be changed.  Don’t be one of these unfortunate ones. 

The failure of your past is part of the dead life – something that has been swallowed up by the new life God has given you.  Allow the love of God to digest your past because it will become a choking bone of regret that will catch in your throat if you try to consume it yourself.

Because we walk by faith and not by sight, we cannot see our future.  Our past is visible and loud. Our unrevealed future is silent and invisible.  The gentle voice of God speaks to us from our future with barely discernable whispers of invitation.  Step towards the gentleness and peace of your future and away from the noise and confusion of your past.  This is your way forward.

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