Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walking Between Two Opinions

You are about to walk between two opinions. The demand that has been placed upon you to come into agreement with either side of this issue is a work of division and compromise. As you walk farther down this path the opposing parties will assume you are walking in line with their opinion. You are about to surprise those who are making these assumptions. 

These differing opinions are not your way forward. They are dead-ends. God has already given you His word for the way forward. Walk in it. This is not a time to pause between the opposing opinions of man. Walk ahead in God’s revelation and those gathering around these opposing poles of human opinion will watch as you walk between them onto a new and previously unseen pathway. This new way forward will become an invitation to those on either side of this issue to leave behind their dead-end assumptions and move with you into something new and supernatural.

Your Final Passage

Lately, you have been afraid of death.  This fear has lingered unattended in the recesses of your mind. As a promise-laden follower of Christ this fear is a contradiction to your reality. It is time to deal with this fear because unchallenged it will cause you to see life through the distorted lens of fear.

Someday when you are absent from this body you will be present with the Lord and a great cloud of fellow witnesses. The day of that eternal reunion will be void of the stinging fear of death and the false victory of the grave.

Your life-transition will not be measured like someone would measure the passing between two points in time.  When that day comes you will appear in the reality of eternity without any recognition of having made the crossing.  You will simply find yourself standing in the presence of Jesus Christ. His eyes will be the first recognizable image you see - this why you have the promise of joy in your physical death.  You will be standing one moment in this life and the next moment in eternity not knowing how you got there.  That is your joyful expectation in both life and death.

Friday, May 30, 2014

This Stale Piece Of Bread

You are looking at the stale piece of bread in your hand and you believe this is your only portion. This bread was once fresh and warm.  Fear has caused you to hold on too long and it has become stale.  What motivated you to hold on was a fear of lack – a fear that your future is empty of promise and provision.

These are not God-thoughts that occupy your mind. They are imbedded lies intended to stop the flow of God’s goodness and provision.  God’s supply for you has always been fresh, ready and abundant for each new day.

Heaven’s oven has a backlog of orders ready to deliver to your life. God is waiting for you to believe once again in His provision.  Discard this stale and crusty morsel and present open and hungry hands to heaven believing that a greater portion is coming your way.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

God Knew

God knew you would find yourself in this situation.  He knew what you would be facing.  Do you think any of this took Him by surprise?   Your surprise and feelings of abandonment are what should surprise you.  You have chosen to live like an abandoned child or a forsaken lover.

This can turn out to be one of the most significant moments in your life if you come to know what God knows. What you are facing is impossible to navigate without a deeper knowledge of God’s love for you.

God knew you would be asking these questions about why you are in this situation. He knows how painful this season has been. It is time to stop asking questions that have no answer in the natural. You need to rediscover God’s heart for you. He said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” He wants you to experience His love deep inside your being where this pain lives and controls your response to life.  The sorrow that has immobilized your life will not able to abort God’s plan if you choose to trust Him again.  God knows the way forward.  Let that knowledge become yours and you will discover the next step.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pages Of Destiny

Blank sheets of paper are beginning to fall from heaven into your life. These empty pages are for you to write upon.  God wants you to write out in detail the desires of your heart. What is written on these pages will become your destiny.

In this process your relationship with God will need to go to a higher level of understanding.  At first this new level will feel presumptive to you and to some people who are part of your life.  To a natural way of thinking what you are about to write might resemble a spiritual shopping list.  This feeling of presumption is actually something God wants to heal in your thinking.  As you have delighted in Him your desires have changed.  You are a different person with new set of God-inspired desires. The old self-centered destiny of your past no longer holds your attention.

As these blank pages fall into your life pick up a pen and begin to write with the ink of faith and expectation.  From this place of wonder and inspiration will flow the new script for your life that will not be presumptive, but will be an expression of your heart that has now become a visible reflection of God’s heart.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Bare Tree

You are looking at your spiritual fruit tree in its winter season and you are disappointed. You are disappointed because you see no visible fruit. The tree is not dead it is only resting before the next season of growth.
God used the metaphor of seasons to describe how He conducts Kingdom business on earth. Not every season in your life is intended to produce visible fruit. There is a season for planting. There are seasons for sprouting, bearing fruit and harvest. There is also a season where the tree will appear dead – the winter leafless season. You are in a winter season and this is not a time of death.
The length of spiritual seasons is not based on natural timetables. God determines the length of each spiritual season. He can lengthen or shorten a season for reasons you may never know. In these times trust God in the waiting. He can make fruitfulness happen so quickly that you will not be able to keep up with the harvest.
Look again at your tree without fruit. Choose to see it differently. See the potential that is hidden from your eyes within its sap-filled leafless branches. Your spiritual fruit tree is living and you need to see this season not as dead and dormant, but alive and filled with a potential harvest.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Heaven's Hands

You are about to deal with a difficult person - again.  You feel exhausted and wish this situation would go away.  The investment you have made of time and energy has brought no visible return of their love and respect.  This has brought you to the brink of your emotional endurance.  Be careful. This is a turning point, not for them, but for you. 

You have limited yourself to only a few options.  You could strike out, but the greatest wound would not take place in this difficult person – it would take place in your own soul.  You can try to manipulate them by holding on to them and demanding they make the right decision.  This will not work either because holding on to them will only create a relationship where you and this person would share a common set of shackles. 

God has another plan that is not yet visible. Wait and let the hands of God reach into your hands like hands slipping into a pair of gloves.  Let His presence upon you make the first contact with this person.  If you allow His compassion to fill your hands they will become gloves of mercy. This is where the miracle you desire will be made possible.