Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Child in a Warrior's Armor

The armor is like an ornate gold breastplate with shoulder pads worn by a first century centurion.  Inside the armor a child is playing. The contrast is striking – a little child rolling around and laughing inside a protective battle garment designed for someone much larger and stronger.  Look closer. The child is you.

You have been waiting to “grow up” so you could finally wear this armor in order to engage the battle, but this is not God’s plan.  The battle God is calling you to fight requires childlikeness in order for victory to be experienced. You have struggled in your mind waiting for some new level of maturity thinking this is what makes you ready for battle. It doesn’t.

The battle armor God has given you is always larger than your current level of maturity. The weapon God is asking you to wield is a childlike trust.  The image of you playing inside the armor of God and trusting Him is actually the greatest weapon you possess.  Hell cannot resist the assault of trust. Childlike trust is your act of war.    

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