Monday, May 5, 2014

A word for men about the power of a woman -

You see her weep and you call her “an emotional woman.” You may not say those words out loud, but they are in your heart and guiding your response.  You have forgotten that when God created us, and all that surrounds us, He performed that act of creation as both male and female.

When you see her weep again realize that her weeping is not an expression of weakness to be mocked or scorned.  Rather, her weeping is an expression of strength and an invitation from heaven for you to see God in her response. This strength was seen when the Lord wept over the city of Jerusalem. His weeping, and hers, is sourced in the strength of mercy.

In this last season you have wondered why together you are only putting 1,000 to flight instead of the 10,000 promised in God’s Word. Begin to explore and honor her personhood so you can move into the full potential of your manhood.

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