Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An Uncomfortable Nakedness

That challenging experience in the last season of your life has left you feeling exposed. You are experiencing an uncomfortable nakedness in the presence of those who know what took place.

But you have a different reality than this feeling of exposure. You are not standing in naked shame before the eyes of God. He has chosen to look at you as one covered by His love and mercy. These two expressions of God’s heart are your only covering. God is inviting you to see yourself like He sees you no matter what others may think.

This lie of nakedness has been spoken, even shouted at you, in an attempt to get you to run and hide. There is no refuge in running. Your place of refuge will be found in trusting God. 

God is about to turn this thing around, but He needs you to stand up and start walking forward again believing that you are fully clothed by His presence.  This is not a time to try some fig leaf attempt at self-rescue by creating a manmade covering. In this moment choose to believe that you are not an object of naked shame to God or to those who see you as He does.  If you choose to believe this you will begin to walk forward with freedom into a new season of life.

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