Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pages Of Destiny

Blank sheets of paper are beginning to fall from heaven into your life. These empty pages are for you to write upon.  God wants you to write out in detail the desires of your heart. What is written on these pages will become your destiny.

In this process your relationship with God will need to go to a higher level of understanding.  At first this new level will feel presumptive to you and to some people who are part of your life.  To a natural way of thinking what you are about to write might resemble a spiritual shopping list.  This feeling of presumption is actually something God wants to heal in your thinking.  As you have delighted in Him your desires have changed.  You are a different person with new set of God-inspired desires. The old self-centered destiny of your past no longer holds your attention.

As these blank pages fall into your life pick up a pen and begin to write with the ink of faith and expectation.  From this place of wonder and inspiration will flow the new script for your life that will not be presumptive, but will be an expression of your heart that has now become a visible reflection of God’s heart.

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