Thursday, May 22, 2014

Emotional Gravity

Recently, you have felt the weight of something pressing down upon your life.  It has become like emotional gravity.  This constant pressure is having a cumulative effect on your ability to see the goodness of God in this season.

The effect of this gravity needs to end because it is keeping you from raising your head high enough to see your approaching future that is filled with hope. God wants to launch you into a place of weightlessness where the concerns of this life no longer dictate how you feel or how you respond to what comes your way.

God is calling you to defy this emotional gravity. This defiance will begin the countdown of your launch into freedom. While your emotions are real and reveal how you feel, they are fueled by unbelief. Call this unbelief what it is – a lie. Defy this lie and your launch sequence will begin taking you to a place of freedom.

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