Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Failing and Falling

You fell and this failure hurts. Contact with the hard concrete of personal failure is both bruising and painful.  At the moment of your failure you were stunned by the impact and a spiritual concussion took place. Like a physical brain in trauma your capacity to make spiritual sense of what happened is still blurred.

Give this trauma time to heal.  You need time to allow the swelling sorrow of this experience to go down.  God will not leave you alone in your recuperation.  He is not ashamed of you. He does not want to distance Himself from you and what took place. He has a new plan of restoration ready to set in motion once you come out of this time of recovery. 

Your work as a spiritual patient is to believe that God is not done with you.  Don’t believe any infectious lie that says you have been thrown away. God’s mercy and goodness is your antibiotic against any lie that rises up and tries to infect your thinking. As you give this injury time to heal also give God the time He needs to put your life back together.  Your discharge date is already on His calendar. Be patient. Trust and believe and you will be made whole again.

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