Saturday, May 17, 2014

Holding On To This Weight

Your life resembles one of those party games where people hold a weighted object straight out in front of them seeing how long they can hold it up before their arm starts trembling from exhaustion. In this season of life you have been holding the weight of your responsibilities out in front of you and it is becoming impossible to support any longer.  You are afraid of what will happen if you let go. This season of misdirected self-sufficiency has found you trying to endure this situation out of human strength and endurance. No one is strong enough to carry this kind of weight.

Drop your arm.  Let the weight fall to your side. This is not some exercise of faith God has called you to perform where you prove your worth to Him and to those watching your life.  The people around you who love you have been waiting for a long time for you to let go.  They see the promise of God on your life and they want you to enter a season of rest where God is allowed to carry your burdens and accomplish what seems to be impossible.

God wants to show you something you have struggled to experience - a lifestyle where He is allowed to carry the weighty situations of your life. This new way of living is that elusive place of joy you have always sought, but knew it was impossible to experience while carrying these weights. We are all excited to see what is about to take place in your life in this coming new season of freedom.

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