Sunday, May 11, 2014

It’s Time To Disengage Your Spiritual Autopilot

You have been on spiritual autopilot for some time.  It has felt good to not have to make decisions.  You wanted a break from the challenges of life. While this was restful for a little while you are now restless because you are uncomfortable where things are heading.  You know that unless you reset the direction of your life you will come face to face with relational obstacles that could cause you to crash.  Airline pilots only leave an aircraft on autopilot through known airspace.  You have just entered uncharted spiritual airspace and you need to fly this season hands on in response to the gentle nudges of the Spirit.

You are afraid to turn off the autopilot because you know you will have to ask some tough questions you have wanted to ignore.  God already knows the answers to these questions and none of the answers will ever cause Him to throw you away.  Unknown to you God has overridden your current autopilot setting several times to save you, but there is a time coming when He will need to let your uncorrected autopilot setting run its course. He takes no delight when His children crash. He will do everything within His power to help you recalibrate a new direction for your life if are willing to let Him set a new course.

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