Sunday, May 18, 2014

Let Go - Take the Ride!

Your departure into the next season of life will be like a hot air balloon ride. The last blast of heat from the burner has filled the canopy. The balloon is filled and ready floating just a few feet above the earth.  Nothing else needs to take place except releasing the lines that tether you to this time and place.

As the anchor lines tug and strain against the balloon’s basket the observers below are waiting for you to toss off the lines and start your climb.  But you don’t do anything. The other balloons nearby are beginning to rise high above you.  You can hear the passenger’s shouts of joy as their elevation increases. Those below you at the other end of the earthbound tether lines are yelling, “Let go – take the ride!”

Familiar feelings of fear and dread begin to rise up within you, but in a courageous move you reach out and undo the anchor lines of expectation, fear and regret.  Slowly you begin to rise.  All of a sudden everything that caused you to be bound to the earth by other people’s expectations, your personal fear of failure and regret over past failures begins to fade away as you rise. You watch as the disconnected tether lines fall slowly back to earth coiling on the ground like defanged snakes.  You have now risen to an altitude where your perspective has radically changed and you begin to wonder why you were ever afraid of taking this ride in the first place.  As you look out and begin to enjoy this newfound vista the winds of the Spirit begin to push against your balloon taking you to places you never dreamed possible.

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  1. Pastor Garris Many many many Blessings to you! I love you, Man of God. Thank you for sharing what you hear from Daddy God and Jesus with us!
    P.S. Pastor Garris are you able to make the font a little bigger , please ?
    Thanks so much!
    Sadie Blackwood