Friday, May 30, 2014

This Stale Piece Of Bread

You are looking at the stale piece of bread in your hand and you believe this is your only portion. This bread was once fresh and warm.  Fear has caused you to hold on too long and it has become stale.  What motivated you to hold on was a fear of lack – a fear that your future is empty of promise and provision.

These are not God-thoughts that occupy your mind. They are imbedded lies intended to stop the flow of God’s goodness and provision.  God’s supply for you has always been fresh, ready and abundant for each new day.

Heaven’s oven has a backlog of orders ready to deliver to your life. God is waiting for you to believe once again in His provision.  Discard this stale and crusty morsel and present open and hungry hands to heaven believing that a greater portion is coming your way.

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