Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Walking Between Two Opinions

You are about to walk between two opinions.  The demand that has been placed upon you to come into agreement with either side of this issue is a work of division and compromise.  As you walk farther down this path the opposing parties will assume you are walking in line with their opinion.  You are about to surprise those who are making these assumptions. 

These differing opinions are like poles set before you - one on your right and one on your left.  They are not the way forward.  They are dead-ends.  God has already given you His word for the way forward.  Walk in it. This is not the time to pause between these opposing opinions of man.  Walk ahead in God’s revelation and those gathering around these poles of human opinion will watch as you walk between them onto a new and previously unseen pathway.

The discovery of this new pathway is not to prove you are right or that you hear God.  This new way forward will become an invitation to those on either side of this issue to leave behind their dead-end assumptions and demands and move with you into something new and supernatural.  There is a joy that is about to come upon you.  As these two poles pass by your flanks to the right and to the left you will realize you are stepping into a new and fresh work of God’s Spirit. Your joy of discovery will then be released into those who have previously been your critics as they see you discover this newfound place of freedom.

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