Thursday, May 1, 2014

You Want to Weep

You want to weep at what has taken place, but you can’t – not yet. You have been called to protect those you love and your early weeping will hinder your ability to protect yourself and those you love. You cannot let your tears blur your vision right now.  You need to see the approaching challenge with clarity.  There will be time for tears when this threat passes.

God has called you to be a warrior.  The tears of a warrior come after the battle is fought when the adrenal fluids have settled down and the sword has been laid aside. Do not succumb to an early sorrow. There is still a remaining battle to fight.  Refuse to sit at the edge of this battlefield and allow the fear of loss to control you any longer.

Rise up and swing the truth with all your might, slashing only the lie and not the person.  Once the cut has been made then can you rest.  Then you can invite the tears to come.  Their salty trail will cleanse your soul because your weeping will be done in a place of peace.

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