Saturday, May 31, 2014

Your Final Passage

Lately, you have been afraid of death.  This fear has lingered unattended in the recesses of your mind. As a promise-laden follower of Christ this fear is a contradiction to your reality. It is time to deal with this fear because unchallenged it will cause you to see life through the distorted lens of fear.

Someday when you are absent from this body you will be present with the Lord and a great cloud of fellow witnesses. The day of that eternal reunion will be void of the stinging fear of death and the false victory of the grave.

Your life-transition will not be measured like someone would measure the passing between two points in time.  When that day comes you will appear in the reality of eternity without any recognition of having made the crossing.  You will simply find yourself standing in the presence of Jesus Christ. His eyes will be the first recognizable image you see - this why you have the promise of joy in your physical death.  You will be standing one moment in this life and the next moment in eternity not knowing how you got there.  That is your joyful expectation in both life and death.

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