Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your Leaking Bucket

In this last season you have felt like a person trying to haul water while carrying a leaking bucket.   All your efforts seem to have drained out onto the pathway of your life.  So many things are not working like you planned yet you continue to repeat the same process over and over again.  Something needs to change.

Put the bucket down.  This bucket was someone else’s suggestion for your life and it isn’t working. You have not been called to carry this life one leaking bucket full of human effort after another to only arrive at your destination depleted.

God wants your hands free from trying to hold on to this leaking container.  Open your hands up, drop the bucket and receive something new.  Stop trying to carry this supernatural life in a limited and leaking container of human reasoning.  Start walking under the rain of God’s presence and His joy will begin to fill your life.  You are His container for this outpouring and He is carrying you.  

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