Sunday, May 25, 2014

Your Next Step

As you look ahead into your future you see no pathway.  This has caused you concern.  You want a detailed way and a defined path to place your feet upon.  A predetermined path is not the way of faith.  A life of faith is a journey paved with the assurance of things not yet seen.

In your hand God has placed steppingstones.  He wants to walk with you one step at a time.  He has not given you permission to run ahead of Him and put these stones down where you think they should be placed.  God wants to engage with you along the way in the discovery and placement of each new step. He loves it when you process your life with Him.

This is your invitation to begin thinking differently about the way forward.  You don’t need to know each and every step. You only need to know the next one.  Raise your foot and God will show you where to place the next steppingstone. The revealed path will become your way forward.  This is your life of faith – a life filled with joyful expectancy wondering where God will direct your next step.

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