Monday, May 5, 2014

Your Turnaround

The turnaround you are about to experience will be like one of those children’s games where you are blindfolded spun around and then the blindfold is removed. It will take a moment or two for you to get your bearings because the experience has made you dizzy. 

When you open your eyes you will expect to see the same images.  You will see them, but there will be a difference. Something will have changed. The same people and the same situations will appear before you, but now you will see them with new eyes. This difference will take place because you were given the gift of supernatural sight. This gift will help you see your life from heaven’s perspective.

The moment your eyes are uncovered you will see purpose and value in the situations and relationships you had previously defined as only painful and a waste of your time and energy. In the spinning when you felt you were at the mercy of others you were actually at the mercy of God. It was not the hands of your accusers who spun you around - it was God. He needed to change something within you more than He needed to change an opposing person or a negative circumstance.  You are now ready to walk out among the accusers, the betrayers and this challenging season because your eyes have been anointed with hope. This hope will be the ability to see your life from heaven’s perspective.

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