Sunday, June 29, 2014

Your Spiritual Sale Rack

You have been shopping at the spiritual sale rack.  You have not believed there is more for you. God has called you to an extravagance of faith that to some people will appear outlandish.  Don’t allow people with meager mindsets to be your spiritual fashion consultants.  Jesus had to deal with these kinds of people. Love them, but don’t be held back by their limited view of life.

Yes, you can get most of your assignment done by wearing that basic frock of faith you found on the sale rack, but it didn’t require much faith from you to make the selection. You have been dressing your life and calling in less than what God intended, never believing there could be exquisite garments waiting for you to try on.  You have struggled whether God would allow you to wear a beautiful garment of faith thinking you were not worthy or beautiful enough.  You have forgotten you bear His beautiful image.

Put those out-of-date garments of lesser faith back on the sale rack of religious duty.  Stroll into God’s custom boutique and ask Him to show you what He has created for you to wear into the next season.  Put on this new creation and walk forward into your calling with a new confidence that comes from knowing the King of Kings has arrayed you in His finest.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Water Walking

You are sitting in your boat.  The waves of your daily routine are splashing against the hull in monotonous predictability.  As you wonder about the next step in your life you hear the Lord speak, “Step out and come to Me.” Between you and His voice is an unexplored path – a watery way where you know your faith will be tested.

You have heard it said only faith is able to walk on water.  You also know fear is like a leaden weight that can pull you down beneath the waves if you yield to its voice. When it was written that you could do all things through Christ it was not meant as some cheesy greeting card slogan. It was a promise of solid steps in watery places.

You are about to enter a season of water walking. What appears to be an unsure platform under your feet will become rock solid and sure. When God calls, respond to His voice and you will walk with Him into a new and miraculous destination.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Gem Of Great Beauty

There is a gem set in the midst of the Church.  This gem is called truth.  It is revelation.  It is the faith once delivered. It is all things made known to us by God.

Like a natural gemstone there are multiple facets for each spiritual truth.  These different facets do not change the essence of the truth itself they are simply different positions from which to view the same reality. 

A gem will reflect different angles of light to give the stone its unique expression.  So it is with truth.  Truth does not change because each of us sees it from a different place along the path of our respective life-journey.  Truth is secure enough to allow us to view its beauty and revelation from the different angles and seasons of life. Resist the urge to make others see this God-gem from only your limited point of view. 

The Dropped Ball

You dropped the ball. It was not your intent to do so, but it happened. You were careless. You are in shock as you see the things you once held dear now falling towards eventual destruction.

You are expecting the fall and crash to destroy what you dropped, but God has another plan.  He will cause this situation to enter another dimension  – the dimension of supernatural timing.

God is about to slow down the image of this falling ball and give you time to reposition your hands under this descending situation and catch it before it hits the ground and is destroyed. When this happens He is not asking you to grovel in shame because you were careless and caused this event to take place.  As you finally catch the ball and exhale a sigh of relief and gratitude simply tell Him, “Thank you” and move on.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Power Of Presence

Within the bowl of fruit something unusual is taking place.  The rotten fruit is not infecting the other pieces of fruit. In fact, just the opposite is taking place.  The healthy fruit is beginning to transform the rotten fruit.

In a natural way of thinking the influence of one rotten piece of fruit can infect the rest of the fruit in the bowl.  You have allowed natural thinking to cause you to believe just the opposite of how the Kingdom of God works.  While the Word does say a little leaven will affect a loaf of forming bread dough that illustration has to do with negative influences.

The power you are not realizing is the reversing power of God’s presence in the life of a believer.  You want to rescue someone you love because you are afraid the other rotted relationships in their life will corrupt them.  You need to trust God and the power of His presence in the person you love.  They carry the presence of the risen Christ and with it the potential to turn this bowl of rotted relationships into a place of health.