Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Gem Of Great Beauty

There is a gem set in the midst of the Church.  This gem is called truth.  It is revelation.  It is the faith once delivered. It is all things made known to us by God.

Like a natural gemstone there are multiple facets for each spiritual truth.  These different facets do not change the essence of the truth itself they are simply different positions from which to view the same reality. 

A gem will reflect different angles of light to give the stone its unique expression.  So it is with truth.  Truth does not change because each of us sees it from a different place along the path of our respective life-journey.  Truth is secure enough to allow us to view its beauty and revelation from the different angles and seasons of life. Resist the urge to make others see this God-gem from only your limited point of view. 

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