Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Wilted History

The vase is beautiful, but the flowers within the vase have wilted and now lay limp and dry in stagnant water. The vase is your life and the flowers resemble the current condition of your faith.  At some point you stopped believing and the beauty of your faith-life wilted.

It was fun to initially cut this beautiful bouquet.  When you cut this measure of faith you never believed these flowers would be a forever bouquet.  You understood they were only for a single season.  Why do you sit back now and stare at a wilted history and think this is the end? These wilted flowers only represent a season that has passed. They are not the ending of the good things God has planned for you.

God has a garden that never runs out of daily measures of fresh faith.  It is time to journey back again into this beautiful garden of possibilities and cut a new bouquet.  Throw out what served you in the past, but has run its course.  Change the water in the vase and put a fresh bouquet of belief in the container of your life.  Now when you enter the room you will be met by the fragrance and beauty of something new.  That fresh fragrance will help you believe once again that God has more planned for your life than what a single wilted season would reveal.

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