Friday, June 13, 2014

Restoring Shattered Dreams

You tried to carry your dream with such care.  You began to walk forward in its promise. But in a moment of personal stumbling you dropped it and it shattered at your feet.  There is no putting it back together.  There are too many broken pieces.

As this broken dream lies shattered at your feet you think it is all over and there is not hope of restoration.  You think God will not give you another chance.  What are you going to do with these lies?  Are you going to allow them to remain unchallenged? These lies are confronting the very nature and heart of God.  They confront God’s goodness and His willingness to provide you with a second chance.

As you confront these lies through confession and repentance you will observe something supernatural begin to take place.  The shattered fragments of your dream will begin to reassemble before your eyes.  The dream will reform with no visible cracks or oozing glue in the place of brokenness.  God will put your shattered dream back together and hand it back to you. He will ask you to begin walking forward again without living in the fear of future brokenness. God is the Creator of your dreams and He is also the Re-Creator of your shattered dreams. 

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  1. fergusonfromohio@gmail.comJune 16, 2014 at 7:58 PM

    I have read the words God has given you to speak and im in tears. I refuse to cry.. but it is exactly what I had prayed broken hearted to God. I never believed that their could be a chance.. yet I feel Him pulling me forward. Im too afraid to take the steps... but everywhere I look its like im getting a hug and a shove...