Monday, June 23, 2014

Spiritual Weightlifting

The scene is almost comical.  What God has asked you to do resembles a small child walking up to a huge set of barbells in a gym and attempting a lift.  Some of the people in your life have told you the act of faith you are attempting will be impossible to accomplish, but you know what God has said.  You are trusting in His promise.

You are surrounded by what appears to be spiritual weightlifters. This all seems so intimidating.  This is a David versus Goliath moment in your life. As you bend down and place your hands on the weighted bar the laughter starts along with the comments like, “This ought to be interesting.” “What a joke!” As you begin to lift you call out to God in childlike faith for His strength to come.  All the eyes in the gym are now on you - watching.   

What happens next is unbelievable to everyone but you.  As you begin to lift, the barbell comes off the floor in one smooth and easy motion rising up and over your head. There is joy on your face when you realize what God is doing.  Silence now fills the gym where moments before there was only mocking and suspicion.

What God is asking you to do seems impossible to a mind not activated by faith.  Today, step up to the promise that seems too large for you to lift and take hold of it in faith.  If you will simply believe His promise and trust in His power this impossible task will rise above your head as a testimony of God’s faithfulness to accomplish what He promises.

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