Friday, June 20, 2014

Suspended Fruit

The ripe fruit of your labor has finally fallen from the tree, but it has become suspended in mid-air like the freeze-frame of a motion picture.  You see its sweetness, but you can’t touch or taste it just yet.

You have wondered why you have not been able to eat the fruit of your labor. One explanation is that you are seeing the development of spiritual fruit through the lens of the natural seasons of planting and harvest.  God does not limit Himself to the progression of natural seasons.  He can suspend falling fruit in mid-air just above your extended hand for reasons you cannot yet discern.  These times can be frustrating, but they are perfect for what God has planned. 

When this season of suspended fruit is over something sweet and delicious will finally fall into your hand. Be patient. Wait. When God finally releases the harvest you will be free to enjoy what God has provided not only celebrating His provision, but His perfect timing.

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