Monday, June 9, 2014

The End Of The Invisible Season

We are in a season where what has been invisible will be now be made known.  Those who have gone unnoticed even after years of faithful service will become visible as God confirms and performs His word in their lives.

As this thought formed in my mind, I saw the dim and partial image of a person walking toward me.  With each step forward their form became more and more visible until they were fully seen.  When their image was fully developed they appeared in a situation where previously they had been invisible.

The Lord is calling His Church into a place of recognition -not for personal recognition, but for the recognition of the presence of the One we carry.  Where answers are needed to save a business, someone will appear who will have a turnaround answer.  Where a government is in stalemate, someone will appear in the midst of gridlock with solutions direct from the government of Heaven.  Where a family has been bound in deception for multiple generations, a lone believer will finally be recognized and deliver a word that will bring generational freedom.

As I continued to pray and understand what the Lord was revealing, He spoke these encouraging words for some who feel they are invisible and unrecognized:

You feel invisible.  No one has noticed you.  You have tried to be heard, but nothing has worked. You wanted to have an influence for truth and love only to have your words land on seemingly deaf ears.  You think this is a negative – it is not. I have been keeping you safe until the time I choose to make your presence known.

There will be a time for you to be seen and that timing must be My choice.  Continue to walk forward in this invisible season and you will walk out into a place of visibility orchestrated by My perfect timing.  Don’t stop moving forward.  You are able to advance into this new territory because you are not yet seen.  I am making a way for you.  This is My task, not yours.

You were created to have a voice and be heard. Make an exchange with Me.  Give Me your demand and your need to be heard.  In that exchange I will give you a voice – a voice empowered by My Spirit.

Once you are visible stay in the place of My peace.  My peace will not be dependent on your surroundings. I am delivering you into this hostile territory for a purpose. The peace you carry and the peace you will experience upon your arrival will be so powerful it will not make sense to you or to those who finally see you.   The forces opposing My plan will see you appearing within their camp not knowing how you got there.  Your revealing will be My surprise.

The peace you carry will become your protection.  My enveloping peace will also become the platform from which you will speak.  Your words will create breakthrough where there would normally be resistance and opposition. Potential battlegrounds will become places of life and peace.

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