Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Power Of Presence

Within the bowl of fruit something unusual is taking place.  The rotten fruit is not infecting the other pieces of fruit. In fact, just the opposite is taking place.  The healthy fruit is beginning to transform the rotten fruit.

In a natural way of thinking the influence of one rotten piece of fruit can infect the rest of the fruit in the bowl.  You have allowed natural thinking to cause you to believe just the opposite of how the Kingdom of God works.  While the Word does say a little leaven will affect a loaf of forming bread dough that illustration has to do with negative influences.

The power you are not realizing is the reversing power of God’s presence in the life of a believer.  You want to rescue someone you love because you are afraid the other rotted relationships in their life will corrupt them.  You need to trust God and the power of His presence in the person you love.  They carry the presence of the risen Christ and with it the potential to turn this bowl of rotted relationships into a place of health. 

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