Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two Kinds Of Whispers

There are two kinds of whispers taking place in your life. One whisper is spoken behind your back. This whisper demeans and dishonors you. The other whisper – the whisper of God - is spoken directly to you, face-to-face. The whispers of God affirm and encourage.

There is a problem. You keep turning around to listen to the negative whispers. You are giving too much credit to what is being said behind your back. These whispers have you twisted around to try to hear what they are saying. Your focus has shifted to what is in your past, not what is promised in your future. God’s whispers of hope are always out in front of you inviting you to something good and new. God will only have your visit your past to set you free from its failure and bondage so you can begin to move forward once again.
You can never stop these behind-the-back whisperers. They will always be there to demean what they do not understand or what makes them feel jealous. Turn around and look ahead into your future – this is where the face of God is positioned speaking words of affirmation inviting you to step forward into a place of hope and destiny.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed to "hear" today..written and said in just this way.
    Drema Hearn