Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Your Coming Verdict

It is like a scene from a courtroom.  The person on the witness stand is saying things about you that are not true.  They are not true because they do not reveal the true condition of your heart.  The real evidence about what has come into question can only be discovered if the person accusing you and those believing what is being said would stop and take a moment to truly understand your motives.

It is hard to sit here and not respond.  Your time in court will eventually come.  Wait. Trust. Be silent.  In the waiting, trusting and silence you will give God time to examine you and your future response so that when you do speak you will speak with words free of defensiveness or retribution.

Nothing is over until the One who sits on heaven’s throne makes His final call.  His judgments will be fair and redemptive for you and for those who now accuse you.  As you sit and wait the peace of God will overshadow you. This peace will be your greatest testimony and it will be what eventually sways the opinion.  God wants you to make an exchange with Him.  Give Him your well-crafted defense and in exchange He will bring a verdict for justice that no one saw coming.

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