Sunday, July 20, 2014

Awakened To A Nightmare

You have awakened to a nightmare.  When you woke up you thought you were experiencing the lingering memory of a bad dream, but now you know its real. The nightmare is a situation you are now having to face in your life. 

You feel out of control trying to determine reality from the bad dream. This is the devil’s playground.  One of his dark tools is confusion. He is trying to define your reality with fear.  Don’t allow it.

Right now – hear these words! You were birthed in the heart of God – in the brilliance of His love.  There is no darkness in you.  Light gave you life. This is an attempt to get you to live in the dark night-shadows of fear.  God is greater than this lie.  Snap out of this nightmarish dream state and embrace the reality of your Risen Lord.  Confront these lying imaginations.  Take every thought into custody, cuff them and march them to the cross in a spiritual perp walk. You have been empowered to live in victory whether awake or asleep. Wake up and live it!

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