Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Choose Wisely

Some of the goodness you are now experiencing can be traced back to a single decision someone made years ago not to compromise.  Someone made a decision to believe for more and that choice has become a blessing in your life. God began to position His promise around that single decision for its fulfillment somewhere in the future.  You are now living in that future.

Your current circle of relationships and alliances were all positioned to intersect your life today because of decisions made long ago.  Do not think that your decisions are without the power. These decisions can help create a future where people you do not yet know will be released to move into their destiny.

The most insignificant appearing decision you make today has tremendous potential both now and in the distant future.  It can be too easy for you to think some of these less prominent decisions  – the ones without lots of fanfare – have little consequence.  No decision is without power and consequence. These seemingly small decisions have the potential to set in motion your destiny and the destiny of those yet to be born.   Future generations will trace their blessing back to you and the decisions you make today. Choose wisely.

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