Monday, July 21, 2014

Drinking New Wine

God has prepared a new wine for release.  Like an expert would do in a natural wine tasting you will try to use your previous process of evaluation and your experienced spiritual palate to determine the quality of the new wine.  This will not work because what is coming is new – never tasted on earth before. There will be nothing you can use to make a comparison.

This wine will be so new no one will be able to claim a familiarity or an understanding for what is about to be offered.  Yes, you prayed and you have been faithful, but these things did not create the wine. This wine is a new vintage created in heaven by God to be poured out on you and upon the cultures of the earth. As you taste the quality of this new wine your praise and worship will be your tasting report as to the quality of what God has offered. 

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