Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loving Even When You Don't Agree

You are being forced to love in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.  Demanding fingers are pointing to a narrow and shallow definition of love that demands you walk only upon the steeping stones of their limited understanding.

The most powerful form of love is the ability to love another person even when you don’t agree with how they choose to live their life.  It is not hard to love another person with whom you agree.  Agreement is not love – it is simply agreement.

In our culture we are told that to truly love another person we must agree with their lifestyle choices or we are rejecting them.  Jesus did not agree with how we chose to live our lives yet in the midst of our rejection of Him He died for us. The essence of pure love is our willingness to die for someone even if we don’t agree.

Loving someone with whom we disagree requires that we check our petty attitudes and snide comments about their lifestyle and honor them as a child of God. Whenever love is defined as alignment it is not love, but a form of coercion.  Honor requires that we relate to each person as a unique and precious creation of God – even when we don’t agree.

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