Friday, July 18, 2014

Once The Music Starts

Your life resembles a dancer poised and ready to perform.  You have prayed and prepared for this moment.  You have taken your mark on stage.  You are waiting for the music of a new season to begin so you can start dancing.

There has been a great deal of personal preparation that has brought you to this moment in your life.  You know the dance steps.  You know your queues within the music.  God has assured you this will all flow together once the music starts.

The audience has disappeared in the darkness beyond the stage lights.  It is now just you and God alone on the stage.  He is watching and waiting in expectation of the dance you will do for Him.  The music will start in just a moment and you will begin your routine, but for now, in that moment of time before the music starts, time has slowed down.  In this pause thank Him for all He has done to bring you to this place.  Your performance will be magnificent because the One who trained you trained you to perform in His image.

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