Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Religious Talking Points

Put down the religious talking points.  Someone else crafted these words and handed them to you. Now they are demanding that you speak them if you want to belong to the group. These are not your words, nor do they express the heart of God.  It is right for you to feel uncomfortable because these talking points put God in the restricting box of human understanding.  

This old worn out script comes up with every new move of God and tries to silence those experiencing a new expression of joy. Give the script back and bless those demanding that you look and sound like them.  Pick up the new thing God has put in your heart and declare it with love and boldness.

Not everyone will understand your decision.  Your words will challenge a controlling religious spirit.  Take courage.  This is a work of God  – even the things you cannot adequately explain to your inquisitors. Keep your heart pure so the same spirit that now challenges your freedom does not have the ability to taint the new and fresh words you are about to speak.

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