Saturday, July 19, 2014

Renaming Your Problems

You have given the problems in your life names like, “Painful”, “Unfortunate” and “Fearful”. These names have empowered hell to steal, rob and destroy. You need to call forth new names – names birthed in the heart of God that will raise your level of faith above the power of these challenging situations into the realm of God-possibilities. It is time to take the pen out of the hand of hell. Only you and God have the right to attach names to your life and to your future.

Rename what you perceive as problems.  Call them, “Potential”, “Anticipation” and “Possibility”.  In renaming these issues to reflect names of hope you will approach them in faith instead of running away from them in fear.

A situation surrounding a problematic child needs a new name so you can process your decisions about your child with their destiny in mind.  A challenging financial situation needs a new name so it can become a target for supernatural provision instead of a pit of despair. A lost dream needs to be called forth and renamed so it can be reengaged once again. In renaming these things you will give God a place to begin a new work.  These new names birthed in faith will the have resurrection power needed to turn a dead and barren place into a garden of life and hope.

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