Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spiritual Intuition

As you mature as a follower of Christ you will learn how to trust your gut instinct – your intuition.  Some in the Church resist this kind of thinking because it lacks an outward image of spirituality.

There are two kinds of intuition. There is a natural intuition that can only draw on human logic and common sense.  This intuition cannot accomplish the work of God’s Kingdom because if it could we would not need the Spirit.  The other kind of intuition is the intuition of God’s Spirit. This intuition is hard to explain.  It is simply something your new Spirit-inspired nature knows to be right.

When the Spirit of God entered your life the old nature took a back seat to the greater nature of your new identity in Christ.  Because your spiritual default has been reset as a new creation the desires of the old nature and its accompanying sin is not your first response. Your default has been reset to live righteously.

Today, trust those small inner impressions of the Spirit that some will dismiss because that lack religious drama.  Some of the greatest miracles will take place because you followed the lead of something in your gut that sounded like God.

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