Saturday, July 5, 2014

These Painful Contractions

You have become overly focused on the birthing pains you are experiencing. You are not seeing the larger picture of what God is doing in your life.  You have missed an important connection.  The pain you are now experiencing is linked to a future provision God is bringing forth.  Like a mother enduring painful contractions, hold on because something beautiful is coming that will change everything about your life. 

You thought the birthing process of your destiny would be pain free.  The most beautiful things in life come because someone paid the price of pain for its birth.  You are paying that price.

Like a mother would trust a medical staff to safely deliver her child, you need to trust God with this birth.  He has promised to be present to help you make a healthy delivery.  God impregnated you with this dream and it is about to come forth.  He knows what He is doing. This is your time to push in faith and believe.  When you get through this brief season of pain there will be a birth of something wonderful and you will forget about these painful contractions.

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