Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Verbal Sculpture

When the great artists of history created magnificent sculptures they all began their creation with a single chisel strike.  As these artisans worked they were motivated by an image they desired the stone to reveal.

Your words are like a chisel that will create a verbal sculpture. With each word you release you are sculpting a reality. It is not too late to stop the negative chiseling and rework this existing situation to produce something beautiful that will reflect the heart of God instead of disappointment and fear. There is still time and enough undefined stone left to chisel a different outcome. 

Your failed circumstance, or even your greatest success, is not the image you are to use to word-sculpt your future.  You were created in the image of God – that is image you are to draw your inspiration from.  This means all areas of your life have a God-image. Your family has a God-image.  You employment has a God-image.  Your self-worth has a God-image.  Don’t sculpt your conversations with words contrary to how God sees you and your circumstances.  As you speak these words you will create a work of beauty that will reveal God’s heart for you and for all who come to view your life.

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