Friday, July 25, 2014

Vertical Leadership Structures

You have been struggling with a vertical structure of leadership.  This form of leadership resembles a totem pole.  The leaders on top must fall off in failure or die before those beneath them can rise higher.

We are in a time of Church history where the most effective forms of leadership will lay down this totem pole model and become horizontal in form and function.  The totem pole advances its mission by addition – you add to the bottom to create vertical increase. With an increase in height this structure becomes increasingly unstable.  The horizontal model of leadership allows each member of the team to move at different speeds based on their unique gifts and calling.  The horizontal model is stable because all the boots of the team are on the ground at the same time.

Apostolic structure is not hierarchal and vertical.  In the horizontal model apostles stand side-by-side with the other equipping gifts.  They are first not in a position on a totem pole, but first off the line once the leadership model is brought down to earth. These sent ones simply move out ahead of the rest of the team to explore new spiritual territory.

For some of you it is time to jump off the totem pole.  The higher you rise in this vertical model of leadership the more distant you become from those you are trying to reach.  As your leadership team surrenders their position on the totem pole and chooses to lay down the vertical organizational structure, the results of this newly adopted horizontal model will begin to multiply supernaturally releasing the untapped potential of your team.

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