Thursday, August 28, 2014

Living Aware

An understanding exists among those who teach self-defense that there are three kinds of people – sheep, wolves and sheep dogs. Sheep are the vast majority of people in our culture, both in the Church and without, who are absolutely unaware of the dangers that surround them.  Wolves prey on this naivety and lack of awareness. And finally, there are the sheep dogs that put themselves between the sheep and the hungry wolves to protect the sheep.

As the Church, we are called to put ourselves between people and the threats of darkness that seek to devour them. This requires that we actually recognize the threat and develop a plan of offense against the aggressor.  We confront wolves with weapons powerful enough to bring down the most elaborate plans of darkness.  This is an aggressive form of spiritual warfare much like David confronting Goliath. A wise pastor once told me, “You don’t convert wolves - you shoot them!”  To most sheep this will sound harsh, but it is really an act of love.  What this pastor meant was a wolfing spirit will only back down if it is confronted with truth.

Many times this confrontation can take place with a stealthy prayer offered in the middle of the night or an act of kindness to an unloving recipient or granting forgiveness when we would rather hold a grudge.  Because sheep have very little situational awareness they may not even know you are there standing between them and the hungry wolf that sees them only as prey. Your participation with the Spirit of God will dismantle the attack strategy of darkness and give a sheep time to become a sheep dog.

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